About Our Company

Integrity And Expertise

When it comes right down to it, there is one thing you need to know about us: We care – passionately – about serving you, our clients, and providing you the most accurate, thorough defensible research and analysis you can get.

Dedicated to our craft, we work tirelessly on your behalf. As our client, you are in superbly capable hands.

About Us

Oxford Valuation Partners is a leading provider of independent advisory and valuation services to limited partners, HNW individuals, private companies, public companies and attorneys across the United States and globally. We offer clients a range of services to help determine and realize the value of their holdings. Oxford Valuation Partners is the preferred choice of discerning executives worldwide.


We provide clients with a well-balanced and considered opinion, and one that is always specifically tailored to their individual situation. Under experienced leadership, the firm brings excellence and integrity to every engagement through a constant dedication to excellence.


We Are Committed To Delivering Timely Results And Personalized Attention To Every Engagement

Our commitment to service is matched by our intense focus on delivering results. Developed and refined, our process delivers independent, thoroughly supported, on-time and credible valuation to clients.

Independence Counts

Whether delivering a written report, board presentation or advisory opinion, the valuation “product” must be logical, understandable, and able to consistently support conclusions.

During our diligence process, we examine each company in-depth, gathering information on its past, present and future prospects, and analyze the potential impact of these factors on the value of the business interest being appraised.

Delivering Opinions That Can Withstand Scrutiny

Valuations can contain unique subjective elements.

Therefore, they require an independent and unbiased view. We provide objective, third-party conclusions of value. As a valuation-focused firm, we are free from potential conflicts of interest that may occur when auditing, banking or brokerage services are offered by the same firm.

We adhere to the ethical and professional valuation standards as set forth by the industry’s leading professional organizations, including the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices

Business Valuations Are Done For Many Purposes

These include selling or buying a company, providing the basis of a fairness opinion, filing estate or gift tax returns, and meeting FASB, SEC or ERISA reporting requirements. Valuations are also used in litigation, raising capital and executing buy/sell agreements.